These are the former members of the Scheiermann lab. The current lab members can be found here.

NameYearsFormer PositionNow
Burak Kizil11/2019-12/2023PhD student
Chen Wang09/2018-08/2023PhD student & post-doctoral researcherPost-doctoral researcher, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, USA
Coline Barnoud02/2019-03/2023PhD student Scientist at UCB, Belgium
Keila Navarro i Batista09/2020-06/2022PhD student PhD, Institute of Veterinary Physiology ,University of Zurich, Switzerland
Stephan Jonas Holtkamp02/2017-08/2021PhD student & post-doctoral researcherPost-doctoral researcher, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Wuppertal, Germany

Jasmin Weber03/2017-02/2021PhD student & post-doctoral researcherJunior medical writer/consultant, IPG Health, Munich, Germany
Louise Ince06/2015-12/2020Post-doctoral researcherPost-doctoral researcher,
University of Texas at Austin, USA
Chien-Sin Chen06/2015-10/2020PhD student & post-doctoral researcherPost-doctoral researcher,
University of Pittsburgh, USA
Sophia Hergenhan04/2016-12/2019PhD studentTrophics Communications, Munich
Wenyan He09/2014-08/2018PhD studentGroup Leader
Department of Hematology
Third Military Medical University
Alba de Juan06/2013-07/2018PhD studentPost-doctoral researcher at Research Center Institut Curie, Centre Immunothérapie, Paris, France
Kerstin Kraus10/2013-02/2018Technical assistant /TA / Medizinisch-technische Assistentin (MTA)TA / MTA in Bavarian Nordic
David Druzd06/2013-07/2017PhD student
Christian Hentrich12/2015-03/2016Visiting ScientistScientist at Bio-Rad Abd Serotec